Investigations at 88 years of age

Health examination of ULSAM men at 87-89 years of age started in September 2008 and was completed in December 2009. To this examination 613 men who were alive and have participated at previous investigations have been invited. Totally 354 men (58%) participated in the investigation. Of these, 296 men were examined at the hospital and 58 were visited at home by a nurse. In addition, 29 men completed only a questionnaire.

ULSAM-88 investigation include anthropometrical measurements, blood pressure, blood sampling, bone density measurement by whole body DXA, oral glucose tolerance test, ECG examination, tests of cognitive function, gait and balance. A detailed questionnaire regarding medical and social issues, dietary intake, activities in daily life and rating scales on depressive symptoms was administered. In addition to this, update of dementia and diabetes diagnoses have been performed as well as Cancer, Hospital discharge and Cause-of-death registries have been updated.