ULSAM-82 Dietary assessment

W650 82Y: DIET ENERGY INTAKE (kcal/day) Statistics
W651 82Y: DIET ENERGY INTAKE (kJ/day) Statistics
W652 82Y: DIET WATER (g/day) Statistics
W653 82Y: DIET PROTEIN (g/day) Statistics
W654 82Y: DIET FAT (g/day) Statistics
W655 82Y: DIET CARBOHYDATES (g/day) Statistics
W656 82Y: DIET RETINOL (mg/day) Statistics
W657 82Y: DIET RETINOL EQV. (mg/day) Statistics
W658 82Y: DIET BETA CAROTENE (mg/day) Statistics
W659 82Y: DIET VITAMIN D (ug/day) Statistics
W660 82Y: DIET VITAMIN E (mg/day) Statistics
W661 82Y: DIET ALPHA TOCOPHEROL (mg/day) Statistics
W662 82Y: DIET ASCORBIC ACID (mg/day) Statistics
W663 82Y: DIET THIAMINE (mg/day) Statistics
W664 82Y: DIET RIBOFLAVIN (mg/day) Statistics
W665 82Y: DIET NIACIN (mg/day) Statistics
W666 82Y: DIET NIACIN EQV. (mg/day) Statistics
W667 82Y: DIET VITAMIN B6 (mg/day) Statistics
W668 82Y: DIET VITAMIN B12 (µg/day) Statistics
W669 82Y: DIET CALCIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W670 82Y: DIET PHOSPHOROUS (mg/day) Statistics
W671 82Y: DIET IRON (mg/day) Statistics
W672 82Y: DIET MAGNESIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W673 82Y: DIET SODIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W674 82Y: DIET POTASSIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W675 82Y: DIET ZINC (mg/day) Statistics
W676 82Y: DIET ALCOHOL (g/day) Statistics
W677 82Y: DIET SATURATED FAT (g/day) Statistics
W678 82Y: DIET MONOUNSATURATED FAT (g/day) Statistics
W679 82Y: DIET POLYUNSATURATRED FAT (g/day) Statistics
W680 82Y: DIET CHOLESTEROL (g/day) Statistics
W681 82Y: DIET MONOSACHARIDES (g/day) Statistics
W682 82Y: DIET DISACHARIDES (g/day) Statistics
W683 82Y: DIET SACHAROS (g/day) Statistics
W684 82Y: DIET FIBER (g/day) Statistics
W685 82Y: DIET FATTY ACIDS C4:0-C10:0 (g/day) Statistics
W686 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C12:0 (g/day) Statistics
W687 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C14:0 (g/day) Statistics
W688 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C16:0 (g/day) Statistics
W689 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C16:1 (g/day) Statistics
W690 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C18:0 (g/day) Statistics
W691 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C18:1 (g/day) Statistics
W692 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C18:2 (g/day) Statistics
W693 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C18:3 (g/day) Statistics
W694 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C20:0 (g/day) Statistics
W695 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C20:4 (g/day) Statistics
W696 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C20:5 (g/day) Statistics
W697 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C22:5 (g/day) Statistics
W698 82Y: DIET FATTY ACID C22:6 (g/day) Statistics
W699 82Y: DIET FOLIC ACID (ug/day) Statistics
W700 82Y: DIET SELENIUM (ug/day) Statistics
W701 82Y: DIET PROTEIN (% of energy) Statistics
W702 82Y: DIET FAT (% of energy) Statistics
W703 82Y: DIET SATURATED FAT (% of energy) Statistics
W704 82Y: DIET MONOUNSATURATED FAT (% energy) Statistics
W705 82Y: DIET POLYUNSATURATED FAT (% energy) Statistics
W706 82Y: DIET CARBOHYDRATES (% of energy) Statistics
W707 82Y: DIET ALCOHOL (% of energy) Statistics

W840 82Y: FFQ ENERGY INTAKE (kcal/day) Statistics
W841 82Y: FFQ ENERGY INTAKE (kJ/day) Statistics
W842 82Y: FFQ WATER (g/day) Statistics
W843 82Y: FFQ PROTEIN (g/day) Statistics
W844 82Y: FFQ FAT (g/day) Statistics
W845 82Y: FFQ CARBOHYDATES (g/day) Statistics
W846 82Y: FFQ RETINOL (mg/day) Statistics
W847 82Y: FFQ RETINOL EQV. (mg/day) Statistics
W848 82Y: FFQ BETA CAROTENE (mg/day) Statistics
W849 82Y: FFQ VITAMIN D (ug/day) Statistics
W850 82Y: FFQ VITAMIN E (mg/day) Statistics
W851 82Y: FFQ ALPHA TOCOPHEROL (mg/day) Statistics
W852 82Y: FFQ ASCORBIC ACID (mg/day) Statistics
W853 82Y: FFQ THIAMINE (mg/day) Statistics
W854 82Y: FFQ RIBOFLAVIN (mg/day) Statistics
W855 82Y: FFQ NIACIN (mg/day) Statistics
W856 82Y: FFQ NIACIN EQV. (mg/day) Statistics
W857 82Y: FFQ VITAMIN B6 (mg/day) Statistics
W858 82Y: FFQ VITAMIN B12 (µg/day) Statistics
W859 82Y: FFQ CALCIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W860 82Y: FFQ PHOSPHOROUS (mg/day) Statistics
W861 82Y: FFQ IRON (mg/day) Statistics
W862 82Y: FFQ MAGNESIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W863 82Y: FFQ SODIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W864 82Y: FFQ POTASSIUM (mg/day) Statistics
W865 82Y: FFQ ZINC (mg/day) Statistics
W866 82Y: FFQ ALCOHOL (g/day) Statistics
W867 82Y: FFQ SATURATED FAT (g/day) Statistics
W868 82Y: FFQ MONOUNSATURATED FAT (g/day) Statistics
W869 82Y: FFQ POLYUNSATURATRED FAT (g/day) Statistics
W870 82Y: FFQ CHOLESTEROL (g/day) Statistics
W871 82Y: FFQ MONOSACHARIDES (g/day) Statistics
W872 82Y: FFQ DISACHARIDES (g/day) Statistics
W873 82Y: FFQ SACHAROS (g/day) Statistics
W874 82Y: FFQ FIBER (g/day) Statistics
W875 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACIDS C4:0-C10:0 (g/day) Statistics
W876 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C12:0 (g/day) Statistics
W877 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C14:0 (g/day) Statistics
W878 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C16:0 (g/day) Statistics
W879 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C16:1 (g/day) Statistics
W880 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C18:0 (g/day) Statistics
W881 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C18:1 (g/day) Statistics
W882 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C18:2 (g/day) Statistics
W883 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C18:3 (g/day) Statistics
W884 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C20:0 (g/day) Statistics
W885 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C20:4 (g/day) Statistics
W886 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C20:5 (g/day) Statistics
W887 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C22:5 (g/day) Statistics
W888 82Y: FFQ FATTY ACID C22:6 (g/day) Statistics
W889 82Y: FFQ FOLIC ACID (ug/day) Statistics
W890 82Y: FFQ SELENIUM (ug/day) Statistics
W891 82Y: FFQ PROTEIN (% of energy) Statistics
W892 82Y: FFQ FAT (% of energy) Statistics
W893 82Y: FFQ SATURATED FAT (% of energy) Statistics
W894 82Y: FFQ MONOUNSATURATED FAT (% energy) Statistics
W895 82Y: FFQ POLYUNSATURATED FAT (% energy) Statistics
W896 82Y: FFQ CARBOHYDRATES (% of energy) Statistics
W897 82Y: FFQ ALCOHOL (% of energy) Statistics