Investigations at 50 years of age

The origin of this longitudinal study was the "Uppsala Primary Preventive Study", carried out between September 1970 and September 1973. The study comprised all men living in the County of Uppsala born between 1920 and 1924 selected from the register of County Council. All men (n=2841) were invited for the investigation, 81.7% (n=2322) participated.

The men were invited by a letter, which also explained the aim of the examination. They received the letter 7-10 days prior to the examination. Those born at the beginning of the year were called first. Six individuals were called every weekday except for the vacation period in Sweden between June 25 and August 15. A second invitation letter was sent at the end of the examination of each age class to those who had not come after the first invitation.

The screening examination programme included a medical questionnaire and interview, blood and urine sampling, blood pressure and anthropometric measurements, intravenous glucose tolerance test, ECG recording, chest X-ray and pure tone audiometry.