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This website's aim is to give researchers and other interested parties access to and information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process. CODEX addresses first and foremost those who are actively involved in research, but also the interested public. Read more on CODEX webpage.

Tierp research database

Since 1971 Uppsala University is maintaining the Tierp Research Database, formerly a part of the so-called Tierp Project. The aim is to provide population-based data for research projects that study consumption of health care and drugs and epdemiological studies of specific groups. 


ULSAM is a unique, ongoing, longitudinal, epidemiologic study based on all available men, born between 1920 and 1924, in Uppsala County, Sweden. The men were investigated at the ages of 50, 60, 70, 77, 82 and 88 years. Full screening and official registry data are available in our databases and more data is continously added. Read more on ULSAM's webpage.

Uppsala birth cohort study

UBCoS is a register study of all births at the Academic Hospital in Uppsala between 1915 and 1929. The study was set up as a collaboration between Uppsala University, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Stockholm University. Read more on Uppsala Birth Cohort Study webpage.