Research seminars

Autumn 2023


Seminar by Helena Johansson, Speech-language pathologist, Dr Med Sci.

Title: Swedish translation of the parental questionnaire Behavioural Pediatrics Feeding Assessment Scale (BPFAS) and the relationship of BPFAS with the growth of the child
Date: Tuesday 3/10
Time: 16.00-17.30
Room: Conference room IFV, B11:216b, BMC
Information: The seminar is held in swedish


Seminar by Sofia Ögefeldt, Speech-language pathologist

Title: Chronic cough and voice problems
Date: Tuesday 7/11
NOTE: The seminar will only be held on Zoom:


Seminar by Martina Hedenius, Speech-language pathologist, Dr Med Sci

Title: Project REMENBR – Learning and memory functions in relation to language- and reading disorders in children
Date: Tuesday 5/12
Time: 16:00-17:30
Room: Conference room IFV, B11:216b, BMC

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