Sociomedical epidemiological research

Studying factors and interventions in the health- and welfare system, focusing on efficiency and equality.

Sociomedical epidemiological research

In this research field, the association between society, health and medical care is studied from a population perspective. The social variation in health and medical care is of special concern. The research includes studies of the mechanisms behind social differences in health, evaluations of the impact of medical care and society on the health as well as planning and evaluation of programs aiming to prevent ill health in different population groups.

The work includes research, education and applied intervention projects in collaboration with the academic hospital in Uppsala and other organizations. The research is multiprofessional, including the participation of medical, public health, social and behavioral professionals. A number of projects are being performed in a framework of national and international networks. Education is mainly conducted in the subjects of Social Medicine and Public Health. Collaboration with the academic hospital is organized for example through combined employments with the hospital department for psychosocial care and Social Medicine.

The following fields are included in the research: 1) quality and equity in medical care, collaboration for health and 3) health in working life and vocational rehabilitation.  


Research group leader:
Ragnar Westerling
+46 (0)18-471 65 47