Health Economics

A health economics perspective is taken in many of the projects currently ongoing at CHAP. First and foremost because of the importance of informed decision-making when allocating health resources optimally and fairly among the population. We are currently leading several projects applying methods for economic evaluation to the areas of public health and mental health. We conduct collaborative research with other universities on a national level including Karolinska institutet, Umeå University, and Örebro University, and on an international level including Deakin University in Melbourne and Centre for Health Economics, University of York. We also conduct commissioned work for the health care sector and municipalities, as well as for private customers, such as the foundation Idéer för livet.

Examples of our work include:

Health economists working at CHAP whom you can contact:
Inna Feldman, Associate Professor
Filipa Sampaio, PhD, Associate Professor, Post-doctoral researcher
Sergio Flores, MD, MSC
Patricio Martinez de Alva Coria, MD, MSC

Associated researchers / health economists:
Richard Ssegonja, PhD
Camilla Nystrand, MD, PhD

Last modified: 2023-04-19