Children and Parent in Focus trial

Pre-school children's health is a prioritized research area in Sweden. Uppsala University has therefore conducted a study that examines the health and well-being of children and parents, and if it can be improved by parental support delivered through the Municipality or the Child Health Services. The study was called "Focus children and parents" - a study of 3-5 year olds in Uppsala County.

The study was a collaboration between Uppsala University, Uppsala Municipality and the Child Health Services in Uppsala County and continued until autumn 2017.

Participating child health clinics sent out the study invitation and the questionnaires to parents in connection with the children’s 3-, 4-, and 5-year old health check-ups and was asked to participate in the study. The parents who chose to participate in the study also brought a study questionnaire to the child's preschool.


Contact the

Project leader Helena Fabian, leg. district nurse, senior lecturer or principal investigator: Anna Sarkadi, MD, professor.

Photo on the Fokus project's researh group
Last modified: 2022-09-16