How do children and adolescents experience corona?

A historical event such as corona affects the children too. We are a research group at Uppsala University who believe it is important to find out what children think about different things. We created a short survey about what children think of corona, which could be filled out by the children and parents together. It is the children who had to answer, the parents were only there for support. The survey is closed now. Here you can see an overview of the questions (PDF).

You could participate by uploading a picture of, for example, a drawing that has shown your thoughts about corona. It could also be a photo that represented corona which was taken by a you, but there couldn't be a person in the photo.

•The following pages have good information if you as a parent, or your child, feel anxious:
       For parents / adults to talk to children (Swedish)
       For parents / adults to talk to children (multiple languages)
       For slightly older children and adolescents themselves (Swedish)
       For slightly older children and adolescents themselves (multiple languages)

       If you, as a child, want to talk to an adult, you can contact BRIS

• Here are some links to medical information on COVID-19 at the Public Health Authority and 1177:
        1177 - about COVID-19 / coronavirus
        FHM "questions and answers about COVID-19"
        FHM - "information sheet in different languages"
        FHM - for you who are children or youth

If you are a parent of children 13 to 14 years, click here for an overview of the questions:
       13-14 years (PDF)
• Responsible researcher professor Anna Sarkadi
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Last modified: 2021-04-15