Accompanied refugeeS In Sweden Trial (ASsIST)

In recent years, a considerable number of refugees have sought asylum in Sweden, many of whom are families with children. Refugee youth have often experienced trauma and are at significant risk of developing mental health problems such as symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression that can continue years after resettlement.

The ASsIST study aimed to evaluate a community-based intervention for accompanied refugee youth experiencing post-traumatic stress symptoms called ‘Teaching Recovery Techniques’.

Find out more about our SUPpORT study which is about the support for unaccompanied refugee youth who are looking for mental health support.

The study was a collaboration between Uppsala University (Sweden), Mid Sweden University (Sweden), Primary Children’s Center for Safe and Healthy Families in Salt Lake City (USA), University of Manchester (UK) and Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Norway). This project has received funding from The Kavli Trust.

The researchgroup CHAP in Uppsala University comprises Professor Anna Sarkadi, Dr Karin Fängström, Dr Raziye Salari, Dr Natalie Durbeej, Dr Fatumo Osman, Dr Georgina Warner, Antonia Tökés, Elin Inge, Sandra Gupta Löfving and Anna Perez Aronsson.

For more inforamtion contact Antónia Tökés, the research assistant; telephone 018-471 6574.

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Last modified: 2023-08-07