"Together for a safe start" - An expanded home visit program in vulnerable areas

Low socio-economic status has a proven link to mental and physical illness and to an increased use of health care. To prevent the long-term risks of diseases into adulthood due to inequalities in health and toxic stress during childhood, there is an increased focus on early interventions.

"Together for a safe start" is a pilot project for child health care to strengthen the conditions for good and equal child health. The pilot will develop an evidence-based method for child health care, to especially promote good mental health in children.

The pilot project will be carried out through six home visits according to the so-called “Rinkeby model” and two complementary visits at the health care center; one at the end of the pregnancy and one when the child have reached the age of 2.

A team from CHAP evaluates the pilot project. Involved in the project are Anna Sarkadi, Georgina Warner, Natalie Durbeej, Raziye Salari, Inna Feldman, Gunilla Lönnberg, Kerstin Edvardsson, Nina Johansson and Antonia Tökés.

For the staff

Compliance checklist
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Observation protocol

PhD Gunilla Lönnberg; Tel. +46 (0) 72-999 96 22
MSc Kerstin Edvardsson; Tel. +46 (0) 73-469 73 15
Forskningsassistent Antonia Tökés; Tel. +46 (0) 73-469 73 14

Last modified: 2023-01-18