Survivor support & empowerment

Sexual and gender-based violence is a widespread problem that occurs across all societal groups, but social vulnerabilities means some groups have a heightened risk to experiencing violence and to facing barriers to support. One such group are people who have fled to Sweden. In this project we aim to improve access to support for migrants in Sweden who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence.

Please contact PhD student Anna Pérez Aronsson for more information about the research project.

In this project we have a co-creative research approach

Involving representatives from the group concerned in research can increase the chance of the findings being perceived as useful and meaningful. In this project, involvement is central. A steering group consisting of four women with lived experiences, an interpreter, and researchers leads the project. The steering group meets regularly, designing and carrying out the different steps of the project together. We also collaborate with personnel from relevant services such as language teachers, staff from the Red Cross Treatment Centre for Victims of Torture and War and the Competence Center for Rehabilitation of Torture and War Trauma, and staff from the outpatient-clinic ant the National Centre for Women's Peace.

Researchers working in the project

The researchers working in this project are associate professor Georgina Warner, professor Anna Sarkadi and PhD student Anna Pérez Aronsson.

Happy co-worker in the project: researchers and advisors in the study
Last modified: 2023-10-09