Public involvement in research - in a meaningful and ethical way

Involving patient or representatives for the public in research leads to improvements in both the research process and the results. However, knowing how to work with involvement is not always easy. In this project, we investigate how public involvement in research can be evaluated, to ascertain that it is conducted in a meaningful and ethical way.

In CHAP, we work with public involvement most of our research projects, mainly with children and families. The involvement activities differ between project, but often include that children or parents are included in the project team, that we collaborate around data collection or write articles together.

This project focuses specifically on public involvement, focusing involvement of seldom-heard groups in research. One specific perspective we are interested in, is the perspective of those involved in a research project, and if and how that changes over time. We are also interested in exploring group dynamics in a meeting where experts with different kinds of knowledge – experience-based, professional, academic – meet. We observe these meetings, using an observation protocol, developed for assessing involvement in research meetings. Finally, we investigate the ethical aspects of involvement with different groups, aiming to create an ethical framework for involvement in research.

If you are a researcher working with public involvement in your research, or considering to, we would like to get in touch with you.

Project team

Elin Inge, PhD student
Georgina Warner, PhD
Björn Sonnentheil, advisor with experience as a research partner in health research


Reach out to Elin Inge with questions regarding this study.

Last modified: 2023-08-07