"Parenting with Awareness and Compassion" – Strengthened parental support for expectant parents

In this project we develop and test a parental support service for pregnant women and expectant fathers/co-mothers. It includes a series of group sessions and digital materials. We are also testing how midwifes can be trained to lead the group sessions.

The overall aim is to strengthen parental support at the earliest possible stage, as the pregnancy and postnatal period represents both an increased risk for mental ill-health and a unique opportunity to promote mental health for both parents and children.

We build on previous research on the Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting and Mindfetalness interventions. We are also utilizing the Compassion-Focused Parenting framework, which aims to further develop parenting support to build more on the understanding of physiology and emotional functioning from an evolutionary, biopsychosocial perspective.

The project group consists of Gunilla Lönnberg, Raziye Salari, Karin Fängström, Kerstin Edvardsson and Anette Roslund Arvidsson at CHAP and Anna Akselsson, Emma Fransson and Jennie Lenntorp at the Maternal Health Care Unit in Region Stockholm.

Contact Gunilla Lönnberg if you have questions about the study!

The project is funded by the Kamprad Family Foundation.

Expectant or new parents wanted for our reference group! (only in Swedish)

Last modified: 2024-02-08