In My Shoes

There is an increased interest in and demand for children to be involved and listened to in all matters concerning them. Therefore, it is important to find methods for involving the children or to evaluate interventions from the children's perspective.

Triple P

Parental guidance through Triple P, Positive Parenting Program,  is offered to parents of children 0-5 years old in Uppsala. Triple P was developed in Australia and consists of five levels. The program is based on research and has been culturally adapted to the Swedish context.

Public involvement in research - in a meaningful and ethical way

Involving patient or representatives for the public in research leads to improvements in both the research process and the results. However, knowing how to work with involvement is not always easy. In this project, we investigate how public involvement in research can be evaluated, to ascertain that it is conducted in a meaningful and ethical way.

Trauma support in your pocket

Research has shown that technology-based approaches to trauma support can help reduce structural and perceptual barriers to seeking care. Despite this, there is a lack of research on digital trauma support for children and young people.

Survivor support & empowerment

Sexual and gender-based violence is a widespread problem that occurs across all societal groups, but social vulnerabilities means some groups have a heightened risk to experiencing violence and to facing barriers to support. One such group are people who have fled to Sweden. In this project we aim to improve access to support for migrants in Sweden who have experienced sexual and gender-based violence.

Tool for social investments

There is an increased need amongst local decision-makers, NGO’s and the society at large to both work more preventively and widen the perspective of potential effects of early interventions. If we are planning to make investments in children and adolescents mental wellbeing, it is of relevance to include estimates on the costs and potential savings related to these investments. At the same time we want to think and plan with a long-term perspective, use more evidence-based methods and keep up to date with new information and discoveries. Can we expect decision-makers to do all of that?

Healthier Wealthier Families

Even though households in Sweden today have an improved general economic standard, the gaps between socioeconomic groups have increased. Exposure to financial difficulties in the childhood years can have negative effects on the well-being and health of caregivers and their children. This make the financial situation of families an area in need of public health interventions.


The overall objective of the RefugeesWellSchool project is to evaluate the effectiveness of school-based interventions in promoting refugee and migrant adolescents’ mental health. Furthermore, it aims to examine the implementation processes of the school-based interventions and the contextual factors that impact the implementation, as well as to perform an overall economic evaluation of the interventions.

Last modified: 2023-10-09