Successful collaboration in Gotland’s healthcare sector


In recent years, systematic innovation work has been conducted in Gotland’s healthcare sector through the Innovation System Gotland project. The project is part of the University’s strategic partnership with the Gotland Region. Innovationssystem Gotland (Innovation System Gotland) is an exciting example of how successful collaboration can be achieved, in this case between academia, the healthcare sector and Science Park Gotland.

Anna Sarkadi, professor and specialist in social medicine, Natalie Durbeej, associate professor in public health sciences, and Mio Fredriksson, associate professor in health care research at the Department of Public Health and Care Sciences, are collaborating with others in the Innovation System Gotland project.

In this longer video that has been produced and published on Youtube, Anna Sarkadi talks about why it is good to have research collaboration between academics and practitioners and what the project has contributed with (min 2:54-3:54 and 6:43-7:32). Mio Fredriksson describes one of the eight research studies that received funding through Innovation System Gotland (min 4:45 - 5:30). Watch the video featuring Anna and Mio.

Read more about the cooperation at MP.

Last modified: 2023-10-25