Ongoing research projects

– Fertility and sexuality following cancer

The research program Fex-Can investigates sexual and reproductive health among young adults diagnosed with cancer, and evaluates an internet-delivered self-help program aiming to alleviate fertility distress and sexual problems. The program consists of four projects: Fex-Can Young Adults (YA), Fex-Can Childhood, Co-creation, and Fex-Talk.

Fex-Can YA is a cohort study with an embedded randomized controlled trial (RCT) aiming to alleviate fertility distress and sexual problems among individuals diagnosed with cancer during young adulthood (18-39 years). Participants (N=1010) are followed for five years and responds to questionnaires including instruments to assess for example fertility distress and sexual problems. Study protocol for Fex-Can Young Adults. Fex-Can Childhood focuses on young adults who were diagnosed with cancer as children. A total of 2546 individuals responded to surveys in a study conducted in 2019-2020. Study protocol for Fex-Can Childhood. Both projects further evaluate internet-delivered self-help programs aiming to reduce fertility distress and sexual problems. Study protocol for Fex-Can RCT. Within the Fex-Can research program we further work with co-creation in a long-term research collaboration with patients treated for cancer, significant others of the same target group, and care givers. Together with patients and significant others we conducted an interview study about our experiences of the collaboration. Interview study about experiences of co-creative research collaboration. Fex-Talk is an educational intervention intended to enhance nurses’ readiness to discuss fertility and sexuality with cancer patients. This intervention is given as part of courses given to nurses at advanced level. Results from the evaluation of the educational intervention Fex-Talk.

The Fex-Can research program is carried out in cooperation with Karolinska Institutet. External funders include the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, the Swedish Cancer Society, and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

For more information, contact PIs:
Lena Wettergren 
Claudia Lampic.

Physical activity and nutrition for patients undergoing stem cell transplantation

This PhD project evaluates the effect of individualized care plans for physical activity and nutrition in patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. Patient experiences are exlored in interviews and qualitative analyses. Contact: PhD student Sölvi Vejby

Stress management in breast cancer

This project focuses primarily on stress symptoms among women recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a multicenter intervention study using a stepped care approach focusing on information and a stress management program based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Main outcomes are stress symptoms and psychosocial wellbeing. Health economic evaluations are also performed. The project is funded by the Swedish Cancer Society and  the Swedish Research Council (2008-2013) and Uppsala-Örebro Regional Research Council. Contact: Associate Professor Cecilia Arving 

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