Funds from the Uppsala Region for two new research projects


Elenor Kaminsky and Robert Sarkadi Kristiansson have been granted funding from the Uppsala Region to carry out a research project each. Elenor's project has been awarded 199 000 SEK and Roberts 505,000 SEK.

Elenor Kaminsky's research project is planned to start in the spring of 2022 and is entitled "Cultural doula before childbirth and parenthood - asylum-seeking women's experience of support, information and the integration process." The background to the project is that approximately every fifth woman seeking Swedish maternal health care was born outside Europe. These seek care later and book fewer midwife visits than Swedish-born women. Instead, they more often visit maternity wards urgently, and have a higher risk of pregnancy and childbirth complications. Some Swedish regions conduct so-called Cultural doula projects. These aim to increase security for women in need of extra support and information in their mother tongue, as well as measures for safer health care for newly arrived and asylum-seeking women, in accordance with Swedish legislation. Cultural doulas acts as a link between women and Swedish health care and thus supports integration. The perspective of cultural doulas is well studied, while research on newly arrived and asylum-seeking women's experiences of cultural doula support is lacking. The purpose of the present project is thus to study newly arrived and asylum-seeking women's experiences of support and information of cultural doula during pregnancy and after childbirth. Furthermore, to study how the women experienced their ongoing integration after receiving such support from the cultural doula. In-depth interviews with a strategic selection of about 20 women within the target group are planned.

Robert Sarkadi Kristiansson's project is based on his dissertation and is entitled "Understanding the underlying mechanisms for readmissions of fragile patients with heart failure." The research project examines the underlying mechanisms for unplanned readmissions with a focus on avoiding inpatient care and then specifically heart failure. This is done by analyzing cases where patients have been reinstated unplanned to see if it is always avoidable, as well as the effect of the introduction of new ways of working, for example having heart failure nurses in primary care. The project will also study what the very best healthcare systems in the world do differently to investigate the possibilities for future improvements in Swedish healthcare.

Last modified: 2023-04-21