Political, administrative and medical decision-making

A second approach is the study of medical decision-making and political, administrative processes. Current research studies focus on how different political reforms are carried through within health care and elderly care. Here two main reforms are in focus: privatisation in the sector of primary care and the strengthening of patients’ rights.

Ongoing Projects

Predictors of sustainable change in a fragmented organizational context

Participants: Emanuel Åhlfeldt, Ulrika Winblad

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Är konkurrensen på primärvårdsmarknaden kvalitetsdrivande?

Participants: David Isaksson, Sofie Vengberg, Matz Dahlberg

EMDAI: Developing a machine-learning based decision support tool for Emergency Medical Dispatch

Participants: Douglas Spangler, Ulrika Winblad, Elenor Kaminsky, Inger Holmström

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How does national inspections affect the welfare professions?

Participants: Linda MobergMio Fredriksson, Karin Leijon

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Priority setting and resource allocation in local health systems: putting retrenchment policy into action in Dalarna county council

Participants: Mio Fredriksson, Ulrika Winblad, Inga-Britt Gustafsson, Lars Wall

Costs will rather increase: Actions and arguments against decommissioning in local health services in Sweden

Making decisions in health care: policy and preferences in Sweden and England

Participants: Mio Fredriksson

Patient Choice and Provider Competition. Preconditions and Influence on the Provision of Swedish Primary care. 

Participants: Sofie VengbergUlrika WinbladMio Fredriksson

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Private Health Insurance in Sweden - implications and effects

Participants: Linn KullbergUlrika Winblad, Paula Blomqvist

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Implementing legally secured governance of individual rights: Does the exercise of discretion in the decisions-making process of granting assistance allowance for personal assistance fulfill the intentions of the LSS Act? 

Participants: Heléne W von Granitz, Karin Sonnander, Ieva Reine, Ulrika Winblad

Do personal assistance activities promote participation for persons with disabilities in Sweden?

The role of information in choice of provider systems

Participants: Caroline Hoffstedt, Ulrika Winblad, Magnus Fredriksson

When do people choose to be informed? Predictors of information-seeking in the choice of primary care provider in Sweden