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Health Services Research

Our focus is the economy, organization and results of health care systems. 

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Visiting address: BMC, entrance A11

  • People sitting in front of Mio Fredriksson who stands in front of a power point presentation
    Presentation of theme issue in memory of Björn Smedby
  • Helene and opponent in front of crowd in seminar room during disputation.
    Helene von Grantitz dissertation 9 September 2022
  • A standing Caroline Hoffstedt next to a sitting opponent.
    Disputation for Caroline Hoffstedt
  • Seminar with spectators watching a man in front of a power point presentation.
    Seminar about interdisciplinary research
  • Picture of a TV-screen and people in a meeting room.
    Literature club in a hybrid meeting
  • Picture of Anna Mankell who sits in front of a power point presentation for her dissertation. Next to her stands another person.
    Anna Mankell´s dissertation 10 of December 2021
  • Picture of three persons from the research group having a meeting.
    Literature club 18 November
  • Picture of a power point presentation and Malin Helander
    project plan seminar for Malin Helander
  • Picture of Alexander Tegelberg with a flower at the Licentiate seminar
    Licentiate seminar for Alexander Tegelberg
  • Picture of a power point presentation of a graph and researcher David Isaksson
    Digital research group meeting
  • Picture of a computer where a power-point presentation is held. In front of the computer there is three porcelain gnomes, one Christmas cake and a present.
    Research group meeting and a Christmas closing
  • Meeting with great distance between participants due to the corona pandemic.
    Meeting in corona times
  • Picture from computer screen on participants in video seminar
    Diigital application seminar
  • Digital presentation by Ulrika Winblad for Forum för Health Policy
    Presentation for Forum for Health Policy
  • Discussion during the weekly journal club
    Weekly journal club
  • Presentation during research group meeting
    Research group meeting
  • Inauguration lecture
    Lecture Inauguration
  • Presentation during research group meeting
    Research group meeting 6/11
  • Presentation during seminar on quality work
    Seminar on quality work
  • Presentation during seminar
    Licentiate seminar
  • Presentation during half-time seminar
    Half time seminar
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