Once a month we organize research seminars where research team members and invited guests give presentations of various kinds. Spring seminars will be on Fridays at 9-12 in Munin, Islandsgatan 2, floor 3 or BMC, Husargatan 3 unless otherwise announced. Please contact Antonia Tökes, if you want to be in our mailing list for the seminars and/or want to come and present something yourself. To come and listen to the research seminars require no registration. Welcome!

Autumn seminars

Date Contact Where
23 August Camilla Nystrand, BMC, IFV, B11:216b
13 September Laleh Nayeb, BMC, IFV, B11:216b
25 October Elin Lampa, Munin, Odén
15 November Anton Dahlberg, BMC, IFV, B11:216b
12 December Richard Ssegonja, Munin, Odén