CHAP - Child Health and Parenting

The research group CHAP is an interdisciplinary research environment focusing on societal interventions to promote the mental health of children and parents.

The group is led by Professor Anna Sarkadi, specialist in public health medicine.
There are currently 19 people in the group with backgrounds in psychology, public health, medicine, health economy, and social-, behavioural-, and nursing science.

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Welcome to a one-day workshop in Health Economics on the 24th of April!

This workshop is directed to those who would like to learn more about the methods used in health economic evaluation of clinical studies, with a focus on interventions within mental health.

Click on the registration link below and read more about the workshop before you register.

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Children and adolescents’ voices about corona

Children and adolescents

How do children and youth experience the corona crisis?

In the research project “Children and adolescents’ voices about corona”, we gather in voices and pictures from children and youth about how they experience the historical event that we are currently experiencing.

A connected study on children and adolescents with neurodiversity about corona was conducted!


  • Anna Sarkadi

  • Inna Feldman

  • Helena Fabian

  • Raziye Salari

  • Natalie Durbeej

  • Filipa Sampaio

  • Karin Fängström

  • Antonia Tökés

  • Anton Dahlberg

  • Camilla Nystrand

  • Elisabet Fält

  • Richard Ssegonja

  • Laleh Nayeb

  • Anna Fäldt

Last modified: 2021-04-12