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Caring Sciences

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Research within Caring Science

In Caring Science, the human being is studied throughout the life cycle, with focus on development of health promoting activities aimed to maintain and improve health, relieve suffering and develop prerequisites for a peaceful death.

Studies are conducted on an individual level, as well as population-based studies, with various qualitative and quantitative research methods. The research questions concern person-centered care, collaboration in teams, the healthcare trajectory, and safe and evidence-based care. The research area includes a wide field from reproductive, perinatal and sexual health to care of elderly persons, and trans-cultural care including migrants’ health and global public health problems, e.g. diabetes. Studies of how to prevent chronic diseases as well as complications related to them, deterioration of health and preventable harm in healthcare, as pressure ulcer, post-operative wound infections and drug related symptoms are also ongoing. 


Patient safety

Cancer rehabilitation 

Lena WettergrenClaudia LampicKristina FagerkvistLars SjödinAlexandra WideCecilia ArvingRebecca SkogJohanna RoseSölvi Vejby

Migration and health

Katarina Hjelm, Pranee LundbergUlrika Pöder, Marianne Hedström, Elisabeth Jobs, Jenny Stenberg, Elisabet Eriksson, Achraf Daryani

International perspectives on health

Katarina Hjelm, Leif Eriksson, Pranee Lundberg, Nitikorn Phoosuwan

Chronic disease management

Katarina HjelmNitikorn PhoosuwanMarianne Hedström, Mona PetterssonKerstin Hamberg Levedahl 

Reproductive and perinatal health

Helena Volgsten, Leif Eriksson, Pranee LundbergNitikorn PhoosuwanLena NordgrenUlrika S Nygren 


T.f. Research group leader
Associate professor Ulrika Pöder

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