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Caring Sciences

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Research within Caring Science

In Caring Science the human being is studied throughout the life cycle and is focused on development of knowledge concerning health promoting activities aimed to maintain and improve health, relieve suffering and develop prerequisites for a peaceful death.

Research in Caring Science at IFV is focusing on the key concept in nursing ”Health” in national and international studies, in order to develop an optimal healthcare organization. Studies on the individual,-as well as, based on populations with different qualitative and quantitative research methods are run. The research questions concern person-centered care, not at least for persons with a foreign background, collaboration in teams and in the healthcare trajectory, safe and- evidence based care and how it can be implemented. The research include a wide field from reproductive and perinatal health to care of elderly persons and trans-cultural care including migrants health and global public health problems, e.g diabetes. Studies of how to prevent chronic diseases as well as complications related to them and thus, deterioration of health and prevention of damages due to unsafe care as pressure ulcer, post-operative wound infections and drug related symptoms are ongoing.   



Research group leader
Prof. Katarina Hjelm

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