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Publications about nurses views on discrimination, inequity and difficult calls.


Two new research articles, with Inger Holmström as the first author, have recently been published in BMC Nursing. The first article studies nursing teachers´ awareness of discrimination and inequity in telephone nursing care by conducting a survey. The results show that nurses were aware of discrimination and inequity and that they were able to estimate a person´s life situation bases on limited knowledge about age, ethnicity and sex. Co-authors are Elenor Kaminsky, Anna T Höglund och Marianne Carlsson.

Link to publication: A survey of nursing teachers awareness of discrimination and inequity in telephone nursing care.

The other article studies registered nurses at emergency medical dispatch centres and how they manage difficult calls. The results suggested that the nurses agreed on what constituted a difficult call, except for calls about immediate life-threatening conditions, which were viewed as both difficult and easy depending on the situation. Further, the nurses pointed to language barriers and rude, agitated callers as an increasing problem. Co-authors are Elenor Kaminsky, Ylva Lindberg, Douglas Spangler och Ulrika Winblad.

Link to publication: The perspectives of Swedish registered nurses about managing difficult calls to emergency medical dispatch centres; a qualitative descriptive study

Last modified: 2022-11-18