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Report on the implementation of a national model in Swedish municipalities


The new report in written as a collaboration between Nester FoU-center and Uppsala University. The author, Emanuel Åhlfeldt, is employed at the Nestor FoU-center and is an associate researcher at the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, the Research group in Health Services Research.

The report is about how the National Board of Health and Welfar´s model "The individual´s needs in the center" has been implemented in the municipalities. The purpose is to review the implementation work´s structure, implementation and results and to highlight strenghs and shortcomings in the work. The report has a consistent sustainability perspective, which means that interest is only directed towards the introduction and use of "The individual´s needs in the center" here and now, but also towards how the model is deeply rooted in the operations so that new working methods can be utilized long-term and become natural elements in regular operations. 

Link to the report in implementation of a national model in Swedish municipalities. Nestor FoU-center

Last modified: 2024-03-19