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Mio Fredriksson and Anna Hallberg recieves extra funds from Forte


Under senare delen av 2020 beslutade Forte att tilldela extra medel till forskning kring välfärdssystemet påverkas av coronapandemin. Mio Fredriksson och Anna Hallberg har fått ta del av dessa medel för att studera den nationella koordineringen vid Covid-19-testningen. 

In the project, the case of the Covid-19 testing during care 2020 will be studied to explore how national coordination works when health care is in focus for a crisis and important national values ​​are at stake. Particular focus will be on how the shared responsibility for testing between region and state affected the opportunities for effective coordination between different actors, and to what extent patients and citizens had the opportunity to influence the process.

Last modified: 2022-11-18