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New podcast provides insight into the research project Fex-Can


Two of our dedicated Ph.D. students at the institution, Rebecca Skog and Sergio Flores, have recorded a podcast. In the episode, Rebecca shares insights into the research project Fex-Can, and together they reflect on their experiences as doctoral students at the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences.

Sergio Flores, a doctoral student in the research group CHAP, hosts the podcast Fikademia and talks to various individuals at Uppsala University about their research and the various aspects of working within academia. In the latest episode, Sergio is joined by Rebecca Skog, a doctoral student in the research group Caring Science, who talks about her research within the project Fex-Can, which focuses on the sexual and reproductive health of young adult cancersurvivors. She discusses the challenges young adults who have had cancer face regarding sex and family planning, and how an internet-based self-help program aims to help them.

Rebecca and Sergio also provide insight into the life of Ph.D. students and discuss topics such as procrastination, friendship, and the importance of structure in their everyday work.

Listen to the episode with Rebecca and Sergio

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Last modified: 2024-03-19