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Lena Wettergren is awarded Region Uppsala’s research prize 2022


Region Uppsala’s research prize is awarded to five people who, through their patient-related research, have contributed to significant improvements in healthcare.

One of them is Lena Wettergren, Nurse and Professor at Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, Lifestyle and rehabilitation in long-term illness. She receives the prize for her research in sexual and reproductive health in cancer and global health with research in East Africa. Lena leads the Fex-Can research programme, which investigates the sexual and reproductive health of young adults with cancer. She works as a Senior Lecturer with a combined position as a registered nurse at the Division of Blood and Tumour Diseases at Uppsala University Hospital.

Lena was promoted to Professor of Care Science in 2021. Within the framework of her clinical part, she works across the entire field of blood and tumour diseases to strengthen research, education and development. Part of her clinical mission is to support and develop care where specialist nurses stay and develop care. Lena Wettergren’s presence at the clinic promotes and initiates healthcare science research.

This text was previously published on the Uppsala University Hospital intranet.

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