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Report mapping the Borgholm model


The work report was written in collaboration between the research groups Health Service Research and CHAP. The report is an overview of the different working methods at the health center in Borgholm. The purpose was to map the Borgholm model before an economic evaluation examines the actual effects. The report is written by Sébastien Lindhagen, Inna Feldman and Ulrika Winblad.

The Borgholm model has many times been presented as a success story in the reformation of the healthcare, not least in the investigation Effective Care, which was the starting point for the reform. There, the Borgholm model was presented as an example of how health centers can work closer to patients to create good and integrated care. Despite the fact that the Borgholm model is a well-known model, there are so far no evaluations of the working method. This report is a mapping of Borgholm's health center and a first step in an economic evaluation. The report has been carried out through interviews with staff who work with or at the health center.

The results show that the Borgholm model consists of five parts, which are: Integrated care, call your doctor, emergency outpatient care, referral management and senior advisor.  Integrated care and the health center's coordination routines were interpreted as particularly important functions to make the health center the central point in the patient's care.

Read the report: Integrated and personcentred care: Mapping and analysis of the Borgholm model(pdf).

Last modified: 2022-11-18