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Åsa Grauman receives Fellowship to study how people view risk for cancer


Åsa Grauman has been awarded 3,648,000 SEK from the Swedish Cancer Foundation for a research Fellowship to study how the public perceives their cancer risk, risk communication and how they make their trade-offs between changes in lifestyle and reduced risk for cancer. The grant is a three-year Fellowship.

Åsa Grauman is a preference researcher at CRB and studies how people balance their interests and values around medicine and health. Earlier this year, she was awarded the Swedish Society for Risk Sciences' award to promising junior researchers for her doctoral thesis about the publics’ perspective on cardiovascular risk information. She has now been granted a fellowship to continue her research in the field of cancer prevention.

Åsa Grauman, photo by David Naylor

During a 3-year Fellowship, she will investigate how the public perceives their risk for breast cancer and colorectal cancer, how they perceive the impact of lifestyle habits on the risk of developing cancer, and how they value lifestyle changes against a possible reduction in the risk for cancer. The project will also explore how people prefer to receive risk information, in particular in relation to the connection between lifestyle and risk for cancer.

Last modified: 2024-03-19