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Malin Lohela Karlsson receives funds to evaluate methods for improved work environment and patient safety


Malin Lohela Karlsson, affiliated researcher in the group for Health Services Research, together with researchers from Occupational and Environmental Medicine in the Uppsala Region, the University of Dalarna and the University of Gävle, has been granted approximately SEK 4.9 million for a 3-year research project from Forte.

The project is an intervention study where a method for working in an integrated manner to improve both the work environment and patient safety will be evaluated. The method has been developed to be used by employee groups in everyday life and adapted to the conditions of care operations. Working more together with both perspectives is important to cope with the challenges the health care sector is facing, as several working conditions have a negative impact on both the health of employees and the quality of care. An integration could contribute to resource-efficient management as well as a better working environment and quality of care.

The project will be carried out in close cooperation with representatives of health care in several regions to ensure that the method used is both based on research-based knowledge and is practically useful.

Last modified: 2024-03-19