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New list of 50 questionable bioethics journals


Predatory journals are a problem in all academic fields. For several years now, the CRB Ethics Blog has published a list of where not to publish in bioethics. And now, the 2022 list is available! The list includes 50 journals which are potentially predatory or whose quality of publications would deem them unacceptable to publish in. The article also includes resources listing high quality bioethics journals, as well as links to guidelines on ways to identify that a journal might be predatory or questionable.

The authors, Stefan Eriksson, Associate Professor of Research Ethics at Uppsala University, and Gert Helgesson, professor of Medical Ethics at Karolinska Institute, say that the list should function as a starting point for bioethics researchers considering suitable journals to publish in.

Go to the 2022 list!

By Marika Ljungberg

Last modified: 2023-11-16