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Report on central concepts in a knowledge based social service


The new report is written by the author, Emanuel Åhlfeldt, who is employed at the Nestor FoU-center and is an associate researcher at the Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences, the Research group in Health Services Research.

The report reviews the concepts of "science and proven experience", "evidence-based practice" and "knowledge management", which are central to the discussion about a knowledge-based social service. However, these concepts are not entirely easy to capture, as they are defined and used in different ways in different contexts and change over time. In this report, these concepts are discussed, where the author highlights, examines and reasons about the various definitions that appear in government investigations, reports and research. The ambition is for the report to serve as a basis for reflection and discussion, which can lead to a more common understanding of the current concepts. The ambition is also to give the reader new perspectives and ideas for the continued work towards a more knowledge-based social service.

Link to the report: Concepts in movement. Nestor FoU-center

Last modified: 2024-03-19